Momma’s Sweet Boy is Gone

It is a furry sad day for all of us as my brofur Lucky ran off to the bridge last night. Since the last post … Read the rest

Lucky has been sick

Hai Furriends! As some of you may know I have fursibs, LociLu who is a snowshoe my sister, and Lucky who is a Siamese mix … Read the rest

Three for Wordless Wednesday

Baby Patches sleeping with sibs


Catnip Monsters??

Earlier this month momma got in a package from a company we normally do business with but this time it didn’t contain the regular products. … Read the rest

Winter furs and the impostor

OMC! It’s Monday again already?! Well that means back to work for me and my momma. There is lots to do to ensure timely delivery … Read the rest

Toys from Santa Paws

Happy Friday! Momma has totally lost track of the days this week since daddy only went back to work on Tuesday, everyone was closed on … Read the rest

Whole New Year

Well OMC! It’s a whole new year already! So we are wishing everyone…all our furriends a very happy 2012! I am sure you are wondering … Read the rest

Good news for Brofur

Hey everyone! Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog here, many of you said you hoped Lucky’s, my brofurs, vet check up … Read the rest


As you might has heard we had¬†ferocious winds recently…but not to worries we didn’t get blown away. A lot of trees toppled overs and … Read the rest

Have you seen Catty Stacks?

Happy Furriday Furriends! Have you seen Catty Stacks before? Momma found dem one day and after speaking wif da nice people over dere she … Read the rest

Don’t you just luvs Laundry?

Hai Furriends! Well da momma doesn’t luvs laundry but I knows I do, especially when it is laundry day! MOL Here I is relaxing … Read the rest

Furry Impawtant Meeting

Happy Furrrriday Furriends! I has been MIA I knows, dat why we decided to has a furry impawtant meeting yesterday regarding my lack of … Read the rest

Furramily Friday

Hai furriends! Dis week has been furry busy on momma’s end of things so I been getting in my play time wif her whenever … Read the rest

Wordless Wednesday Hangout


We eat together…most of da time

We are normally hungry all at da same time and eats all together but some times dere is one of us dat is hiding away … Read the rest

Happy Halloween!


Happy Meowloween! Momma was not feeling well yesterday at all so I made her takes da day off and watched over her to makes sure … Read the rest

Toysday da Investigation

As you all knows by now one of my duties as Chief Kit is product testings! Its a very impawtant job dat I takes very … Read the rest

Wordless Wednesday




Brofur update & an Award

Lucky my brofur cames home yesterday after havings his teeth cleaned and one toofur removed. Although momma tells me it is him I still don’t … Read the rest

Photo Hunt for Stripes

Another neat photo hunt has come up and it is stripes. Can you see my stripes?


I has them here on my front leg and … Read the rest

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