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Another Year Already?

Hai furriends! So another year has gone by already?! Being the furry ladycat that I am, I guess I don’t notice the time going by … Read the rest

Santa Paws Drive Live!

Happy Tuesday! Well I know the day is almost over but I told momma I just had to let everyone know that the Santa Paws … Read the rest

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We hope everyone is having a pawsome day with lots of fun. But remember to be safe if you are going outsides. … Read the rest

Calling all cats… and dogs too!

We need ourselves so more cats to enter our Halloween Costume Contest! You has until Friday November 1st to enter. So get over to the … Read the rest

Costume Flashback Friday

Hai everyone! Happy Friday! Can you believes that Halloween is next week? We has over 40 entries for the costume contest and more come in … Read the rest

Shiny Witch Wednesday!

Hai everyone! I know, I know, I know, I haven’t been posting at all this month. Momma has been having a bit of a rough … Read the rest

Fall Preview is Here!

Here comes fall ready or not! And at the shop we are getting ready for it with many new items for the fall and Halloween. … Read the rest

Halloween Pet Costume Contest 2013

You now have until NOVEMBER 1st to get your entries in for my 5th Annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest! So if you don’t dress up … Read the rest

Momma loves animals!

I guess it’s no surprise that momma loves animals. Especially us cats and dogs! So when our county fair came to town this month momma … Read the rest

World’s Best Cat Litter Review/Giveaway

We got the incredible opportunity to test out the new formula for the litter we already use everyday. Since we use it already we were … Read the rest

Time to Get Ready!

Hello everyone! Can you believe it will be October soon? AND you know what that means right? It means that we will be holding my … Read the rest

Missed Talk like a Pirate Day?!

Hai everyone! You will not believes what happened over the weekend just after the pawsome Nipclub #NCCrush pawty. Momma got horribly sick, by the next … Read the rest


As you might have seen below (previous post) momma and daddy went away to sees Star Trek stars in Las Vegas. While there momma says … Read the rest

Shark Attack!

It’s not what you think! Well maybe it is MOL. See would you believe it if I said that momma and daddy brought me back … Read the rest

Star Trek Stars!

You might have read on my post about where I has been below that momma and daddy went away for a furry long trip. Turns … Read the rest

Happy Labor Day!

Baby Patches with Flag
OMC! I can’t believe I is getting to blog today finally. We will be working on some posts so you can see all the Star … Read the rest

Back to School?

Hey I don’t know what all this back to school talk is about but apparently humans can have time off during the summer and then … Read the rest

Where has I been?

OMC! It’s about time momma helps me come on here to update everyone. She took off on her furry first vacation in a long time. … Read the rest

Sneak Peek – SuperZoo Goodies

Yay! Momma said I could share some products coming furry soon to the shop. Something for us all to look forward to, don’t you just … Read the rest

Back from SuperZoo

Hi everyone! Momma is back from SuperZoo, well she has been back since late last week. I have been having her catch me up on … Read the rest

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