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International Box Day 2015

OMC! Well I has been having a heck of a time getting momma to helps me paw out my blog posts here. But at least … Read the rest

Playtime Friday

Do you luvs to play as much as I do?! Playing is my most favorite thing to do my furriends. And since it’s Friday I … Read the rest

New Cat Harness

Hai furriends! I did a modeling photo shoot for our new cat harness. This new cat harness is one of the best selling harnesses out … Read the rest

Snuggle Spot

Do you know what the snuggle spot is? Well I am here to tells you exactly what it is and why it is pawsome! And … Read the rest

Wool Cat Toys

Do any of my kitty furriends have wool cat toys? Well if you don’t, you just have to give them a try!

Late last … Read the rest

Wool cat toys & wool dog toys

Hi everyone! So what is it about wool and pets? Why do dogs love wool? Why do cats love wool? Thank cod I am here … Read the rest

Why we love to carry unique pet products!

Baby Patches side face profileHi everyone! If you stopped by last week you may have caught my post where I was meowing about how I will be doing posts … Read the rest

Spring Perch Time

Happy Friday Furriends! It is May and the flowers are blooming now for us here in California. We had some rains but they didn’t stick … Read the rest

Duty Calls

It’s Meow Monday Furriends! And it’s cloudy and rainy here today so I will not be admiring a spring day. But that’s okay since I … Read the rest

Silvervine Mickey Mouse?!

Hai Furriends! Remember how I meowed that I would tell you more about my birthday gifts? Well I finally get to tell you about my … Read the rest

Tussle Time

Happy Tuesday Furriends! I hope you had a wonderfur weekend, I sure did, spending it with momma and daddy. I got some much needed rest … Read the rest

Time for some Rest

Hai Furriends! It’s another great Caturday and I am looking forward to some restful time with momma and daddy. We were really busy yesterday in … Read the rest

Sun Puddle Friday

Happy Friday Furriends! And happy National Kids & Pets Day! Everyday should be a Pets Day if you ask me, MOL. It has been overcast … Read the rest

Cat Tunnel Time

Momma says April showers bring May flowers, is that true my furriends? It looks like we might have showers outside right now. So our sunshine … Read the rest

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Well remember how both daddy and momma had been sick with the flu and we thought they was all better? This does … Read the rest

Birthday Treat

Hai Furriends! My snoopervising has been going well and we are steadily getting back to our routines. Momma is hoping to catch up a bit … Read the rest

Must Snoopervise

Happy Friday Furriends! Again… MOL. Well as you know momma had been really sick, it was the flu which she hasn’t had in a long … Read the rest

It’s my 5th Birthday!

Yay! It is finally here my furriends and it’s time to celebrate, momma says I will be getting pawresents! I told momma we should be … Read the rest

Looking Up

Happy Caturday Furriends! Momma and daddy are home for a restful weekend especially since daddy has been sick. But it will be my birthday on … Read the rest

Undercover Friday

Happy Friday Furriends! Momma says she doesn’t know where the week went but she is glad it’s Friday since daddy is feeling ill. It looks … Read the rest

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