Outdoor cat tent for kitties!

Happy Tuesday! Ever see an outdoor cat tent? While momma is out and about checking out all the new stuff I thought I would post … Read the rest

SuperZoo here we come!

Okay… well maybe here momma comes! But SuperZoo here we come, to check out all the new cool stuff you has for our shop to … Read the rest

Chief Kit Relaxation

Welcome to another wonderfur pet blog hop! This weekend I is having momma prepare for our pawsome trade show this coming week. It has been … Read the rest

Wool Mouse Fun

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is staying cool here in the US, its been pretty hot. I am still busy helping momma get our list together … Read the rest

Plume Tail Up

Hai Furriends! We are loving our reviews from the tester team. Momma says we will be soon looking at another batch to send out. Meanwhile … Read the rest

Twice the Fun

Happy Tuesday Furriends! It’s been pretty hot here so we are trying our best to stay cool. We finally got our silvervine fishies made up … Read the rest

A Chair Monday

Hi everybody! Did you has a nice weekend? I had a pawsome one hanging out with my momma and daddy. And I had fun biting … Read the rest

Traveling with a Pet

Going away? Traveling with a pet? Well if so we have pet travel products and some pawsome tips for you this fabulous feline Friday! It … Read the rest

Two Feets?!

Happy Tuesday! Momma had us relaxing a bit too much over the weekend so we are busy catching up now. There are still 3 chances … Read the rest

Resting after the Boomers

Hi Everyone! We be recovering from the 4th of July and my Hotter than a Firecracker Sale. It sure has been one busy and hot … Read the rest

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the US and those aboard celebrating it! Momma and daddy has spent the morning with us and … Read the rest

My Summer Time Giveaway!

Hey everyone! This is furry exciting, momma let me do my very own giveaway through our page on Facebook! All the pet parents can enter … Read the rest

Too hot for toesies?

Happy Tuesday Furriends! Momma was sure complaining about the heat yesterday, I hope everyone is either staying cool or staying dry. Looks like I will … Read the rest

My Hotter than a Firecracker…

BP Firecrackers
Hai Everyone! Do you know what this week is? Well if you lives here in the US then you know that the 4th of July, … Read the rest

Hot weekend, reviews, and fireworks

Happy Caturday Everyone! I hope you checked your email this morning, I helped momma send out a fireworks pre-sale for the shop. This weekend we … Read the rest

Beach dog toys?!

Beach Baby PatchesHappy Friday! Do you lives by the beach? We don’t really live that close to the beach but momma says we can drive to the … Read the rest

Yay! Testers, posts, and burrowing

Happy Caturday Everyone! We had quite a week and I didn’t end up getting to blog about anything… nada… nothing! Thanks momma!

Well I guess … Read the rest

Cave Toesies are to be Thankful

Happy Thursday everyone! Normally I might say the momma has been slacking but its the complete opposite this time. So I haven’t been able to … Read the rest

Back to my Poker Chip

Hai Furriends! It’s back to work and my poker chip for me today, as it is Monday again. Over the weekend I got lots of … Read the rest

It’s a wooly weekend!

Hai Furriends! It’s finally the weekend so we can get some play time and much needed rest. I hope if you haven’t had a chance … Read the rest

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