New Cat Harness

Hai furriends! I did a modeling photo shoot for our new cat harness. This new cat harness is one of the best selling harnesses out there! And my momma got me the Raspberry Sundae colored one, which has pawsome colors. Check it out…

Here is the Raspberry Sundae Cat Harness!
Raspberry Sundae Cat Harness

Mommy loves how this harness fits on me and all cats for that matter, it is completely choke free and focuses it’s control on the chest/body area.

The Raspberry Sundae cat harness is a step in mesh harness that features a choke free design perfect for any size cat! You simply put your front paws in the leg openings and has your human secure it closed with a hefty Velcro closure. Choke free, great fit, airy and not to mention secure.

Why is it pawsome and why do we carry it? It is the best fitting harness on the market for one thing. On cats with a smaller chest with this harness you just pull back and angle the harness closed. With cats that are larger in the chest you pull the harness closed straight across, not angled. Both of these fitting tips removes any gap and makes the harness more comfortable.

We love offering this mesh cat harness as it offers a great fit that will keep any kitty secure when on outdoor adventures.

And what kitty wouldn’t love outdoor adventures?! Has your human get you one in our shop, we have the Raspberry Sundae for us pretty kitty girls and the Northern Lights for the handsome boys.

Here are a couple more photos from my modeling session!
Raspberry Harness

Mesh Cat Harness

If you get one be sure to has your human take photos of you and send them in to us to be featured in the shop! I hope many of my furriends can have fun in these fashionable harnesses. Purrrrrrrrrs

Snuggle Spot

Do you know what the snuggle spot is? Well I am here to tells you exactly what it is and why it is pawsome! And not to mention, why it’s what pets want!

This is the Snuggle Spot aka Hidey Hole, Cat Cave, Wool Cave!
snuggle spot

LociLu and I loves these snuggle spots so much that if we get a shipment in and they are accessible to us we will try to climbs right in and curl up, MOL.

So what is the snuggle spot you ask? It is an all natural handmade pet bed made out of wool. It is a bed that happens to be great for hiding away in or even curling up in if folded inwards. I will show you me using it both ways!

Why is it pawsome? Because cats (& dogs too!) are attracted to the wool scent that these wool cat beds have. And they just happen to be wonderful in all kinds of weather, it stays cool in hot weather and warm in cold weathers.

The snuggle spot is what pets want because sometimes we just want to hides away for some time away by ourselves. We loves the wool scent it gives and the security we get from it.

Here is a picture of me hanging out in my snuggle spot!
Snuggle Spot Cat Cave

Here is me in my half cave, aka the snuggle spot folded in!
Large Snuggle Spot

They come in bright colors as you can see and 3 different sizes at the moment. Dogs have been starting to use the snuggle spot big time too so they came out with an extra large that has a huge opening and is pretty big around. Would even be great for multiple kittens!

Check out the snuggle spot and makes your hooman gets you one! Click Here

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