Baby Patches Cat Birthday!

Ready for a cat birthday party?! Mommy-cat and Daddy-cat says they’re goings to do their best to gives me a party today for my 8th birthday! From what I has over meowed my party will has grilled chicken and whipped cream for dessert!!

Mommy got me a new pearl necklace to wear for my birthday as well. We’ve always had pearl necklaces for our doggie furriends in the shop but I got mommy to add a cat necklaces category this year.

pink pearl cat necklace

To get my party started I is having a pawsome giveaway for 3 lucky winners! There are many ways to enter the giveaway so I hope you enter and win one of the gift cards. Below is my Birthday Giveaway! BUT this is for today only and ends tonight.

Nip and Bones Baby Patches Birthday Giveaway

Next up I had mommy sends a special offer to our subscribers so all my furriends can save some green papers when they go finds pawsome fashions to spruce up for Spring. So be sure to checks your email and if you aren’t on the list or didn’t gets the email please let me know.

It is supposed to rains today and then all weekend so I will be missing my birdie TV but at least I will has fun with my giveaway and party. Mommy says I still act very much like a kitten, they even still call me kitten MOL. So she says it’s not like I is even any older!

BP Pink Pearl Necklace

While I didn’t like the time to put on my necklace, once it was on I really didn’t minds it at all. I could easily wear it all day! But mommy says she has to keep an eye on me with it on for safety, so no worries furriends.

Cat Pearl Pink Necklace

Certainly felt likes a Princess in this necklace! Mommy says I is a Turkish Princess just likes my handsome mancat Minchie is my Turkish Prince. Have a pawsome day and I hopes you enter the giveaway, sees our email, and stops by the shop.

Thanks in advance for all the Purrrthday Well Wishes!

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