World’s Best Cat Litter Review/Giveaway

We got the incredible opportunity to test out the new formula for the litter we already use everyday. Since we use it already we were so furry excited to try this new advanced formula. It’s their Advanced Natural Series.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the best all natural choices for cat litter. Momma has always preferred this brand ever since she realized what other clay litter contains. Don’t forget that we licks our paws when we are cleaning ourselves and we put those paws in our litter.

Now on to the review…

Here I am checking it out for the first time, we just love the packaging they came up with.

What do we have here momma?

What do we have here momma?

In our family daddy cleans our boxes out so he was intrigued by the new litter. We finally got the chance to try it out after daddy did an entire cleaning so it was not mixed with any old or other kind of litter.

Here is what he noticed and loves about the new Advanced Natural World’s Best Cat Litter:

– Smell is greatly reduced! (important for us since my brofur Lucky has failing kidneys)

– Smaller clumps are created

– No dust and litter does not stick to the box (sides or bottom)

Odor control is a furry important feature for any litter and while all of the World’s Best does a great job this advanced natural is double powerful!

This new litter has already been released and shipping to stores all over the US. Be sure to call your local pet store to see if they are offering it yet.

NOW for the most important part, we have been authorized to offer a free bag to one of our readers (US only). So please leave a comment and I will randomly select a winner to receive a free bag to try out.

We are switching the first chance we get!!

We are switching the first chance we get!!

This will be our new litter from now on as it works so well and if you prefer pine they have a pine blend as well. Let me know if you have gotten to try this litter out yet or if you will be trying it out. Purrrrrrrrrs

Disclaimer: We were not paid for this review. We received the product for free in exchange for our review of the product. It is our honest opinion of the product.

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9 Responses to World’s Best Cat Litter Review/Giveaway

  • It is interesting!
    My human loved World’s Best Cat Litter (we took some time to get used to it, but hey, we are cats 😉 because it was nearly odorless and easy to clean. But it is pretty expensive compared to some other cat litter :-/

  • Amy Orvin says:

    World’s Best Cat Litter is awesome! I really like that it’s dust free and has less tracking!
    I want to try the advanced formula. I haven’t tried that yet for my gang! 🙂

  • If it’s good enough for my beautiful Turkish Princess, then it’s definitely good enough for me! Would love to try it!

    Minchie, your Turkish Prince

  • kelli says:

    Interesting , I’d love to try this new product.

  • Nikita and Rocky says:

    My brofur Rocky and I are already fans of World’s Best Cat Litter. We tried all the others (including the “natural” ones) but this is really the best. We would love to try out the newest and the bestest! No scent though. It makes Rocky sneeze. Thank you Baby Patches ?

  • SS says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the review, as I haven’t seen any reviews yet for this new Advanced version since it came out. Am hoping to try it once my kitty’s litter runs low.

  • Stopped by from Pet blogger hop, as a pup I’m not a user of litter as my hoomum is trained to pick up after me, but sure enjoyed reading your review xxx

  • Erica says:

    I’d love for my cat to try this. I’d love a litter that is more natural and that works well.

  • We just tried our first bag of the WBCL and love it. We don’t know if we’re too late to enter, but we thought we’d give it a try.

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