Why we love to carry unique pet products!

Baby Patches side face profileHi everyone! If you stopped by last week you may have caught my post where I was meowing about how I will be doing posts on advice and how our products can help solve problems. But first momma and I wanted to explain a little bit about why we carry the unique pet products that we do.

When we started the Nip and Bones shop momma had already discovered some of the most unique items available for cats and dogs. She knew that there must be other pet parents out there that felt the same way she did when visiting her local major pet store. That there seemed to be the same old stuff over and over, she always wanted to get us some kind of new toy or item. She even found herself online buying beds, treats, and more before she even had the idea to start our shop.

We are the kids in our family and like many other families there are furry kids included. So birthdays, holidays, and just for the heck of it times, result in something new for us. Heck we even have to get replacements when our toys get worn out, how many nip nanners have you gone through? Or how many favorite toys has the dog ate?

And as most loving pet parents know not every cat or dog loves the same type of toys. What if your kitty doesn’t like catnip? Are you going to find alternative herb toys at major pet stores? Nope.

Another thing that momma discovered over the years is that a lot of the items she thought were cool and different for which she purchased at a major store didn’t last for every long. They would end up being disappointing and wasted the green papers.

So we want everyone to know that the items we select and sell are specifically chosen for a number reasons included uniqueness, longevity, problem-solving ability, and more. This may result in a higher price ticket for a lot of the things we carry. We hope you understand that is because these items are not mass produced on a scale that would provide lower pricing.

With that said if you ever desire any products we don’t carry there is a good chance we can still get it and we welcome the chance to do that for you. So don’t hesitate to sends me an email and let me know.

Also, as a result of our specialty pet products selection many more popular brands are not something you will tend to find in our shop. There are a number of reasons for this including what we mentioned above, ability to offer you the best pricing, and our ability to obtain the items. BUT we love our unique pet products because we know the joy and satisfaction they bring to the people & pets who get them.

We try our furry best and want you to know that we are still competing with the big boys out there as its always easy to just drive down the street. So our hopes are that we can keep Nip and Bones in mind when you need products for your cats and dogs!

This year we are looking to improve our order processing times and are looking forward to the great many new unique pet supplies coming to the shop!

As always your purrrrrrs, woofs, and thoughts are welcome! *nosetaps*

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9 Responses to Why we love to carry unique pet products!

  • A great, informative, essay!

  • Rumbles says:

    We love you guys so much, and we LOVE all the toys we’ve gotten from your shop. They are seriously awesome! I only wish you lived closer (so we could buy more and I could cuddle the Baby! heh heh heh)

  • We love everything that Mom has gotten from you but we especially love our silvervine pillows!

    The Florida Furkids

  • Cory says:

    We love our Nip and Bones toys. My momma Ellie especially loves her little starfish toy. She carries it around ALL.THE.TIME.



  • You have a great store, Baby Patches.

  • Cathy Keisha says:

    We love Nip and Bones and would order more if our money situation wasn’t so tight. I hope we steer you in the right direction when we suggest items you may wish to carry. I’ve noticed more and more cats blogging about their peacock feathers and I hope they are buying them from you.

  • Baby Patches, you and your momma do such a good job finding the toys, treats and other stuff that we cats love.

  • Ms. Phoebe says:

    Did someone say Peacock feathers?! *picks up iPawsPhone, goes in to Evernote app and makes note to self to order one from Baby Patches store using Mom’s credit card*
    My brofur Kaspars, sadly angel sister ?erny, and I love the silvervine pillows and honeysuckle toys we got from mewz store Baby P, and there are so many more items we have gotten and been highly satisfied catcustomers. Our Mom appreciates having the option to shop for quality items made and sold by independent businesses like mewz and tries to shop at such places all she can. Mew may pay a bit more as mew noted in mewz pawsome post, but mew get a far better made, unique, and safe product that is helping the small business person or cat- not some huge corporation that outsources human jobs to save a buck and selling dangerous products made in countries with no oversight to what’s in the product or how well it’s put together, or fails to oversee if the rights and age of the human workers are being supported or are even legal!
    Nip and Bones is a store I am proud to support and mew Baby Patches do a wonderful job as CEO- that’s a job not many humans can handle, let alone most of us kitties. Admittedly, mew and I do have a bit of an advantage in these skills being we are calico ladycats. We calico ladies are known to be sweet and mellow, yet also are very particular in what we like and how we want it– this makes us experts at supervising others and making sure things get done in an especially busy atmosphere like a business or Queendom. MEWHAHAHA!

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