Rain be coming

Hai furriends! Happy Monday… or Not?! I am not usually happy on Mondays since daddy has to go back to work and so do we (momma and I).

I rather be hanging out in my wooly bed!

This is one of my favorite spots when daddy and momma are home & downstairs.

This is one of my favorite spots when daddy and momma are home & downstairs.

Momma says we will be getting these pawsome wool cat beds in the shop soon as our supplier is coming out with more colors and possible sizes. Heck this one is even big enough for a medium sized pup if you ask me. MOL

Momma says that the forecast now shows rain for this week, after having temps in the high 80s over the weekend. I hope this doesn’t mean more snow for my furriends in the east side of the country. All I want to know is when will Spring finally be here?

We working hard to bring you new items in our shop. I had momma put over 20 of our new products on sale this weekend at 20% off, so be sure to click here to check them out today. Purrrrrrrrrrrrs

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