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Not just any Gotcha Day!

Hai everyone! I hope you heard that it is my Gotcha Day, its actually my 4th one. Momma and daddy say they are very happy to have had my turkey furs and ways around for the past four years. Turkey as in turkish angora, one of my many nick names.

So as my title says, this isn’t just any regular Gotcha Day… it also the launch day of our brand new anipal calendar and wish list registry!! Now let me get settled into my executive chair so I can update you.

We sure do have comfortable executive chairs! MOL

Anipal Calendar – this calendar is now up and running, it is available to anyone who has an account in our shop. Just log in to add your events for birthdays, gotchas, and more. Let everyone know that you are in our calendar so they can see your special days, then create your wish list for them…

Wish List Registry – this is available to everyone no matter if you have an account with us or not but you will have to register for the wish list. You will even get a direct link to share with all your furriends. Items will be removed if a furriend purchases something from your list, so you can be assured when using it.

We are so excited to have these additions to the shop AND to offer for today only Free Shipping on all orders! Just use code: GOTCHA

Momma has plenty of play time and treats lined up for me so I know its going to be a pawsome day. And you know what else would make this even better, if you could either share our free shipping deal, make a purchase, share our go fund me, or donate a few green papers as we are only just about half way to our goal.

Thank you and many Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

Exciting Times – What do you think?

Hai Furriends! We are hanging in there, still furry busy with orders that came in from the weekend pawty and such. We are not quite halfway to our goal yet but we are confident that we will get there and the rest of the way!

We are always trying to make the shop better so we have with the help of others come up with a couple of ideas. We would love to know what you think about these ideas. Check out our ideas below.

Please leave us a comment here or tweet me @BabyPatches on twitter to let me know. And for those facebook peeps you can contact me on my page

1. A calendar where every cat and dog can enter their birthday and gotcha days. These would be visible to everyone who has an account for our shop, so all of your furriends can see when your special days are. On top of that, you can then sign up for our new gift registry where you will add items to your wish list. You will indicate that you have a gift registry on the calendar so that your furriends can see what you want.

This is how it would work:
– You look up your furriend’s birthday on the calendar and see they are registered
– Search the registry for your furriend’s wish list
– Purchase something from their list and it will disappear from their list

You can come back every month to see who is on the list if you would like to spoil your furriends!

2. We would like to offer the “Nip and Bones Auto Ship” program! This would be where you can purchase a box of treats, toys, or a mixture of products to be shipped on a 2-week, monthly, or every other month duration. There could potentially be a lot of options, so that you would get the same treats every time or different ones. You could also specify any preferences if you are allergic or don’t like squeakers for example.

The price would be depending on what type of items you are purchasing, shipping fee would be included in the price but you could say purchase a 6 month subscription and save on the price.

SO… let us know what you think!! We really need to know so that we can invest our time in making this happen. Thank you for your support.


Now once again please see how you can help our small business stick around! Thank you, Purrrrrrrrrrrs

Stop by Cathy Keisha’s blog to see what is next up on the auction to benefit our shop! – Stunning Keisha

If you can’t helps with green papers or an order, we would appreciate any of the following other options to helps out:

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  3. Forward our pawsome emails to your furriends
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