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No Wake Wednesday

Daddy acrobat technique – Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday! We know must of the humans are probably not happy about having to go back to work after the weekend and for some a long weekend. But in honor of the Monday after Thanksgiving we are having a pawsome sale, check out our ad in the sidebar!

Momma had enjoyed some rather good downtime with me so while she is excited for everyone to see our new products and our great offer for today she is going to be furry busy for the next month for sure. We will be around today on twitter and facebook, hope to sees you.

Daddy frequently picks me up to snuggle and I like to push off with my feets on him, when I do this he continues to hold me.

This is what I call the daddy acrobat technique MOL

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Welcome to my confessions of the plume tales, which includes my daily life as I help run our shop Nip and Bones. I is a ladycat Turkish Angora Calico born on April 7th, 2008. And momma and daddy has nicknamed my tail the plume! Because it's so floofie. I has long silky fur, 2 humans, and 2 cat sibs. As for me purrsonally, I luvs furry mice and helping momma as the Chief Kit for

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