Santa Paws Drive – Need Nominations!

Yup, its that time of year again my furriends! All the hooman elves over at Santa Paws Drive are getting ready to take donations of toys, treats, and cash to help out all the shelter kitties and doggies. But this year is extra special because we are asking for nominations for “special needs” rescue groups. We would love it if you know of a rescue group that helps extra special needs pets such as less/un-adoptable pets, senior pets, blind pets, medical needs pets, or retired racing dogs for example.

If you know of such a rescue group please go to and nominate them. After six rescue groups are selected then beginning November 1st all the elves will be collecting donations! But first we needs your help by nominating any special needs groups all over the world.

Haven’t heard of our Santa Paws Drive?

Want more info about Santa Paws Drive?

–Read our About page to see how it all started.
–Read more about the Elves behind the drive (I bet you know almost all of us from Twitter and the pet blogging world!)
–See pictures of the packages we sent to shelters last year.
–Follow @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter.
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Momma is an ELF for the Santa Paws Drive, so don’t be surprised to sees a picture of her and me on the Elves page MOL! In fact, I tried on an elf hat once a couple years back and it wasn’t that pleasant. I do better with the Santa hats and reindeer antlers!

I don't recommend the elf hats for kittens! MOL

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3 Responses to Santa Paws Drive – Need Nominations!

  • Fuzzy Tales says:

    Wow, Baby Patches, it’s hard to believe it’s that time of year!

    It was a great cause, we donated last year and assume we will again! We hope for another Canadian shelter in there too. If we remember correctly, there was one from Canada and we think one from the UK (?), with the others in the US.

  • Sparkle says:

    Even for a great cause like the Santa Paws Drive, I think elf hats on cats should be verboten! I know of bunches of special needs rescues, so I will have to look into nominating them!

  • Cathy Keisha says:

    Can’t believe it’s that time again. We may not even have a tree that year cos Pop is having elbow surgery.

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