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Multiple Toesies Tuesday

Hai Furriends! It’s multiple toesies Tuesday for you today but we really wanted it to be treats Tuesday. Momma has been working on her books again, since we did inventory she has to do spring cleaning on it for stuff she missed last year. So she didn’t get a chance to works on our treat sections of our shop as we has new treats coming in! We will just has to have a Treats Thursday dis week right?

See my front paw is hangin upsides down over my back paw!

We added and correct anyone who mentioned something to us in my spring cleaning post from yesterday. If we missed anyone or you missed my post yesterday please let me knows if you is not in my blog rolls.

I don’t knows about you but I LOVE treats! What are your favorite treats? Is dere anything we can offer dat might make you purchase dem regularly from us? Unfortunately, some of our treats have gone bad over the past year so we are revamping to break you more unique and tasty options. We appreciate your feedback furriends.

Now where are my treats momma?…

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