12 Days of Christmas Giveaways #4

Hai Furriends! Sorry our post is late again but momma was up furry late doing shipping and I of course was wif her da whole time. It gets mighty busy around dis time of year. Today we thought a fun woofie toy is in order since we had our Holiday Smidge on da first day.

For your chance to win your choice of one of these furry cute ball buddy’s to toss around please leave a comment and tell us how you would play wif your ball buddy. Plus, visits our Holiday Shop and tell us what toys you like best and why.

Now to announce our winner from yesterday’s giveaway! Concats to Zippy, Sadie, and Speedy! Dat is furry nice of you to donates to shelter kitties, we is proud to be a part of da Santa Paws Drive. We hopes you hang dis stocking up and gets some goodies of your own for being so good. Purrrrrrrrrrrrs (oh and not sure if we has your address on file, please email me at babypatches at nipandbones dot com)

If you is on twitter please join us today for a Shibbering Cheetos special concert event to benefit Santa Paws Drive from 7pm-9pm EST! All donations will be matched during the event, just use #SantaPawsDrive hash tag to look for all the tweets.

Please consider sending any of your furriends a Holiday Gift Bag from our shop, dey are furry cute and we has plenty. Plus, you can purchase all of dem at once to saves on shipping costs.


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13 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways #4

  • While we are sorry that you and your Mom were up late shipping, we are happy that her store is furry busy!

    We’re cats (of course!) so we would give a ball buddy to our friend Pluma who is the woofie who lives with our friend Teri. Pluma is a very nice woofie even if she does poke her kitty Speck with her pointy nose sometimes.

  • Those look like awesome woofie toys!! We know whichever woofie wins them is gonna love them!!

  • It’s a mixed blessing to be up late doing business! Many naps will have to be taken today!

    We would donate a woofie toy to our vet, who does free vet work for homeless pets.

  • Busy Buttons says:

    How would I play with that toy? How WOULDN’T I play with it is probably more of a question. *snickers* I’d definitely pluck the gingerbread man’s hair…the snowman’s scarf…and Santa’s hat!

    And in the holiday shop, I think I need to steal Mom’s paypal info and order myself a squeaky snow monster!

  • Oh those are such cute ball buddies! Well, we would not play with it ourselves, but we would give it to our doggie cousin Oscar (though we bet his sister would try to steal it). Oscar just started to learn to play with toys about a year ago because before he was our cousin he had a crummy life. But now he likes toys so we think he would really enjoy one of these!

  • sachie+Goma says:

    OMG—I think Syd will pass out with this toy and Goma will be jelous!! I love santa one the best!

  • Khyra says:

    I would give them to Khousin Merdie so she khould give them to her new brofur Harley –

    Maybe he’d leave her alone fur a few minutes!


  • Our woofies would love those!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  • Yoda Heltman says:

    I’d like to toss that Gingerbread ball buddy all over the house and make it squeak extra loud to drive mom and dad nuts. I have been wanting one of those Orbee Tough Christmas Bulbs since last year – it’s been on my wish list so maybe this year Santa will bring it. I was looking at the cat toys for my three kitty sibs. Maybe I won’t steal their toys if I get them some for Christmas!

  • Rumblepurr says:

    This is such a fun promotion, you’re such a bootiful and brilliant girl my Baby.

  • Parker says:

    We’d put this in Diamond’s stocking!

  • Fenris says:

    Well I would have Mommy, Daddy or the Boy Beans throw it and I would go get it. Sometimes I would give it back to them to throw again and other times I would try to get them to chase me for it. I loves playing CHASE. I might also just hold it in my paws and talk to it.

  • AttieCattie says:

    those looks like fun! BA says she wants to wap them all around the baftub.

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