What Time Change?

Daddy says to momma, “Why am I awake?” and momma says because I wanted to eats. And den he says its too early and momma says its not to me, I don’t know da time changed. I says what time change? All I knows it was time for me to eat! MOL

Momma says it can be difficult for hoomans and even us kitties to adjusts to da time change. I hope we all gets da hang of it soon. Momma was furry busy dis weekend getting ready for da Santa Paws Drive, we hopes you can join us for our launch pawty on Tuesday at 7pm EST. Click Here for da Invite

She says we will has all our Christmas items and new stuff loaded up dis week, we can’t waits. In da meantime, I will rests until I gets some new stuff to quality test!

I luvs my mighty plush cat mat!! We has dem in our store.


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11 Responses to What Time Change?

  • Karen Jo says:

    That time change stuff is very confusing. I made sure to get Mom up when she was supposed to get up to get ready for work, but all she did was check my food dishes and go back to bed. At least I got fed when I was supposed to, but my cheese was very late.


  • Since the time changed here in the UK ~ mom keeps moaning that we expect our brekkie to early!

  • Fuzzy Tales says:

    Yes, we’re getting mom up an hour “earlier” now, for our breakfast. That makes it anywhere from 2:30AM to 3:00AM that we’re waking her. We can’t figure out why she’s so grumpy….

  • We’re trying to get used to this time change too!

  • I have been having lots and lots of fun waking up my Mama cause of the time change! There is always a bright side to all change! 🙂

    Love, Cody

  • Time changes are Evil Plots! We Cats know when it’s time to eat.

  • Sparkle says:

    I hate the fall time change! It gets my human’s schedule all messed up and she does not know when it’s time to feed us anymore.

  • We have the same problem here.. I love that picture. Mum says she will be visiting the shop real soon, not been able to as been poorly.. Hugs GJ xx

  • hee hee we the same way Baby ! purrrrrrrrrrrrrs we not knows what time change is MOL!

  • Hi Baby Patches! We agree with you – we don’t like the time change when it interferes with our breakfast! We think it is a bad idea! We tried to get our mom up but she said we had to wait – no fun!

    And we think it is great that you guys are having Santa Paws again this year! We wanted to tell you we are doing a commentathon again this year for it! It is at our blog on November 11 for our mom’s birthday – she likes to give presents on her birthday instead of getting them, and this is a great way for us to help out the kitties and doggies! So we just wanted to let you know!!

  • My sweet turkish princess, mom is upset that my inner clock has not been turned back an hour yet. I keep trying to wake her up an hour too soon for my breakfast nummies.

    Purrs and nosetaps my sweet.

    your loving mancat, Minchie

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