Terrible Twos Winners & Be The Change

OMC! You all are very naughty kitties and doggies MOL hehehe but dat is what makes us so specials right? It was so much fun readings all your terrible things my furriends. Thank you to efurryone dat entered!

Sanfu of Cat of Nine Tales

Our kitty winner is one naughty kitty, not only has dis kitty ripped up several rolls of paper towels but dis kitty has climbed into a cabinet and knocked glasses onto the floor while no one was home, has pushed dishes onto the floor, climbed into the snack cabinet, attacked the dishes in the dish strainer and knocked the phone into the water bowl!
Concats to Sanfu of Cat of Nine Tales!
I finks I can relates to Sanfu as I have knocked a bowl off onto da floor myself and momma was so upsetted wif me dat her bowl set is now incomplete. Good fing momma finks I is too cute MOL.


The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Sheperd

Next up is our doggie winner and she did a very terrible thing! But I can’t says I blames her MOL.
Here is her entry: This mite gross you out so I has to gib you that disklamer up front. Several years ago we had a cockatiel named Lola. Lola woz very, very old, 25 years old. Cockatiels only live around 15 years and she woz the oldest the avian vet had ever seened when mom had taken her in a few days afore when Lola woz not doing well. The vet could find nuttin rong, just sayed Lola be very old. For 25 years mom always lefted her cage door open and even the kittehs learned Lola woz fambly and woz not for nomming and nobody bothered Lola. Well, wif being old and going downhill fast that week, Lola falled out of hers cage on to the floor and woz either ded or in a coma. I could not just let her lay there so I picked her up in my mouf and taked her up on mom’s bed wif me. Then I got to thinking Lola alreddy be ded (or close enuff), why let a good burd go to waste? I tried to cover up the evidence wif a blankie but when Mom commed home from the store and moved the blankie she founded fevvers all over her bed. It woz all that woz left of Lola. There woz no way she could has knowed it woz me. After all it could has been one of my sisses, rite? Cept for I woz sitting in the corner of the room wif a fevver stucked on my nose.
Concats to Shawnee of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepard!
We have two runner-ups dat had pawsome terrible things dey have done!
Crazy Felix – Well, Momsie says I bin crazy ever since she first laid eyes on me at the SPCA cause she say I was runnin around like a loony tune character! Anyway, I has done plenty of things but probly the most baddest (We kitties think funniest, not baddest) thing was when we was gonna take our first trip in our new Motor-home. Momsie & Dad had loaded all of us kitties up and we were on our way when they had to stop at da warehouse for sometin. Cause it was warm, they decided to leave the motor running wit da air on so us kitties woont git to hot.
So guess what I does?! Hehe… I locked dem out of da Motor-home wit da keys inside! And it runnin! Hehe…Ya should have seen da look on Momsie’s face! Lucky for them their was another car there dat Dad had keys to. They had to drive all da way home to get another set of keys so they could come back and git in da motor-home wif us!
Now if dat wasn’t enough for dem, when weez finally got goin and was drivin on da interstate at about 70 miles an hour, I rolls down da window! He-he..Boy! Momsie can sure get some funny looks on her face…She bout had a heart attacK! She scream and say-\OMG! what if you would have fallen out!\ I guess dat woont have been so good but I didnt.
Anyway, nows dey got all of da controls covered and taped up so I donts get no more fun! But I thinking of udder tings to do.
Sadie Petunia – I have done many naughty things in my time with my family. BUT the very worst thing I did was chew a hole in my human’s leather couch. One day when my mommy wasn’t in the family room with me, I decided it would be a good idea to chew on the couch. Once I got started I couldn’t stop and I made a big hole in the couch. I was only a puppy, and the couch was so very nommy. I think because it is leather it reminded me of cows. My mommy had to get a furniture repair man to take our couch away and they were able to fix it, and now you can’t tell that I chewed it. It did cost my mom many $$ to fix it. After that happened, I moved on to opening Christmas gifts and chewing on the boxes under the wrapping paper. I also managed to eat $40 of gift cards that same year. Like I said I am quite a naughty girl. Photo Evidence: http://twitpic.com/1dnjka
Every entry we gots was very pawsome my furriends, its not easy picking winners. So wif dat said…look at all da other terrible stuff you all did!
Lou – hmm I’ve never done anything terrible…I mean except normal stuff, like destroying sofa, ripping comforter, chewing shoes and slippers, digging up plants… geez being such a good boy can be a disadvange sometimes…heheh
there must be something…*racking his brains*
BrewskieButt – Before my human, BZTAT, had a painting studio, she used to paint her paintings in the extra bedroom. She kept the door shut, which annoyed all 4 of us cats. One day, one of us 4 (I won’t say who) managed to get that door open! Somebody (I won’t say who) explored the paint table and got into some paint cups that somehow got knocked over.
BZTAT was none too happy when she came home to discover overturned paint cups and pink paw prints all over the floor. She yelled loudly, “Who did this?!!!” Naturally, Noah cat, Who cat, and I all pointed our paws at… The Slick cat!
(I will swear to my dying day that my pink toe jam came from walking where the Slick cat had walked.)
Cory – Happy Birthday Baby Patches! I was super duper naughty when I was 5 months old. Mom and dad were eating Cornish Game hen…I sat on a chair at the table and was mesmerized by the birdies. I got all twitchy and squirmy and I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I leapt up onto the table and in one smooth move I grabbed mom’s 1/2 hen. When she yelled “NO”! and tried to take it from me (it was mine already I had stolen it) I chomped her finger so she’d let go! She pulled away and I took off down the hall with my prize! I ran into a back bedroom and under the futon to enjoy my feast…with mom and dad chasing after me, yelling and stuff. Dad pulled me out from under the futon and I still had the hen dangling from my mouth. I was grrrrrrring. Mom laughed even though she was bleeding. Dad held me while mom had to pry open my little jaws to get the hen back.
She didn’t even eat it….sigh. It didn’t have that much cat spit and hair on it. Then hen was almost bigger than me. Dream big I say.
Sadie Shih Tzu – I’ve done some terrible things including:
1) Chewed my man person’s hockey skates: http://twitpic.com/14×79
2) Chewed my person’s slippers: http://twitpic.com/8wens
3) Chewed the wooden scrubbing brush: http://twitpic.com/10ieyi
4) Eaten (literally) the waist band on my person’s jeans and eaten more socks than you’d think possible.
My ongoing battle with badness concerns the living room furniture. My person has taken a set of photos for you to showcase the evidence:

Thanks you again for efurryone who entered my Terrible Twos Contest! It was lots of fun! Winners & Runner-Ups please makes sures I has your shipping address by emailing me at BabyPatches at nipandbones dot com. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

Be the Change Challenge!
As you know momma went to BlogPaws dis past weekend and while she was speaking in another session there was also a very pawsome session going on called Be the Change! Since joining twitter last year momma and I have been able to help so many animals.

Momma rescued both me and LociLu as well as adopted my brofur Lucky from a pound. She always wants to takes dem all home wif her but knows she can’t. But dat doesn’t me she can’t do as much as she can to helps out in other ways. If you can donates any green papers to helps dis challenge reach dere goal we thanks you!

Please stop by Your Daily Cute for more information about Be the Change Challenge and to learn about her pledge to volunteer her free time to help out at her local rescue.

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13 Responses to Terrible Twos Winners & Be The Change

  • We have to say: this is the most inspirational post ever. Now we know lots of stuff we can do if the summer is bad and we get bored. We can’t say we are very surprised Snafu is the winner. He is our hero!

  • Shawnee says:

    OMD, I cannot believes I wonned! Wot an honor it is to be the most terribullest! Thank you Baby Patches! I has BOL’d at efurryone’s stories, they is all such inspirashuns for the yung puppehs and kittehs wot mite be needing ideers as they approach they terribull twos. We is all so noggty but our peeples lubs us anyways.

  • Marg says:

    Oh my goodness what naughty doggies and kitties. I am sure glad we aren’t that bad. LOL Congratulations to all of you for a naughty job well done. Good stuff. Hope all of you have a wonderful week end.

  • Congratulations to all the winners. Those are some terrible things! Good thing the humans love them.

  • Gosh, there are some TERRIBLE kitties and doggies out there… You all are too funny! I love this contest, BP. 🙂

    And thanks for posting about Be the Change (and linking to my post)! I’m going to add you to the list of every blog doing it. Wow!

  • ConCats to ALL of the winners! It’s SOOOO fun being norty!

  • Oh my! Wot funny stories. Congratulations to the winners.

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  • Those were very funny. My mom is still laughing and imagining Cory running down the hall with the cornish hen in her mouth.

  • Woo-Hoo!!! Snafu won!! Thank you so very much! Snafu might be the Best of the Worst, but we love him dearly!!! Congratulations to all the winners!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  • Yoda Heltman says:

    I forgot all the bad things I did until I read about what everybody else did. But, I don’t think putting bite marks on mom’s glasses the first day I came home, eating the seat out of dad’s sweat pants, eating a comforter at one of mom’s state parks, ruining mini blinds at another one of her state parks, and breaking dad’s guitar would beat my friend Shawnee’s story. Good news on the home front. After a long time, dad got another guitar this week to replace the one I broke. In fairness, it wasn’t my fault. Mom read some dumb book that said they should leave my leash on me all the time so if I did something wrong they could pull it so I would know it was wrong. I was chasing a kitty and the leash caught under the guitar, pulled it down and bang, many pieces. Hey, new guitar always stays in the case. Hee hee.

  • Cory says:

    Yay Snafu! We can all learn so much from you. You are the master naughty kitty of the CB!

    Shawnee…I can’t let my sister woofie Grete read what you did. She might get ideas!

    Purrs to all the winners…and yes, if I get half a chance with another hen…it’s MINE!

  • Thank you! I am very flattered you picked me as a runner up! I agree that Shawnee should win, I totally would have eaten that birdie Lola too!

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