Caturday and my Santapaws List

Happy Caturday efurryone! What do you finks is my first wish on my Santapaws List?

Hint: It sures would be nice to lays down up here.

Hint: It sures would be nice to lays down up here.

I is sures you guessed it by now right? Yes my furriends it is a window perch to stretches out on to sees all da happenings outside! I has my paws crossed and momma says I has been a good kitty dis year, why wif all da works I do for da store I better be on da Good Kitty list! MOL

OMC! Did you sees it? Santa Paws Drive reached it’s goal yesterday and we raised over $3600 for 6 shelters! Yesterday was da last day to donates but if you wants to donate at da last minute just lets me know.


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