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Mewing Monday Mews

What momma? I is just guardings da inventory!

Baby Patches guarding inventory

Hai efurryone! Momma worked non-stop dis weekend to gets her financial softwares up to date wif everyfing and it looks likes she has done it. Yay! So we has much to catches you up on and we is pickings out our halloween items for da store too, so much funs.

While momma didn’t gets any rests, I sure did and I mades her play wif me too MOL hehehe. I can’t waits to gets caught up wif all of you.


Saturday Caturday Woodstock

Hai mai furriends! I hopes you havings a pawsome weekend so fars. Dis weekend starting yesterday dey has da Woodstock pawpawty on twitter. Checks out one of my pawsome pictures dat Ann at Zoolatry mades for me.


I also gots dis groovy one dat I using for my avatar!

If you is on twitter I hopes you can stops by da pawpawty, we raises green papers for rescues and der are many prizes too! Momma says she has gotten a lot done da last couple days, so hopefully I gets to do my product demos for you and visits bloggies.


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