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Toysday Donations

I swears momma...I was just inspectings da envelopes!

I swears momma...I was just inspectings da envelopes!

I confesses dat I luvs to gets into momma’s boxes! Its funny when she comes to finds me and not sures what box I gots into! MOL hehehe

As some of you might knows we luvs to supports animal charities and dat is why we sponsors da pawpawties on twitter. Dey has a 24 hour anipals pawty to raises money for a charity and gives aways pwizes. Dis month we hads 3 woofie furriend winners! Takes a look!




Dis my furriend @ShawneeShep on twitter and as you can sees da Woofles Bully Sticks are pawsome!



Dis my furriend @LilyPup on twitter, she received da Fluffy Flappy Toy and really luvs it! She says dat its fun cause it squeaky, crinkley, and flappy!



Dis is my furriend Lou of @LouPeb on twitter. He luvs these treats, dis times he gots a new best seller flavor our Freeze-Dried Philly Cheesesteak Dog Treats! Both him and his sisfur Pebbles were eatings em up and disappointed when der momma closed da lid!

Today is our last day for our promotion dis month! We are givings 5% of all our proceeds to my rescue group/no kill shelter plus you gets free bag of treats wif $25 purchase! Checks it out at our web site

Baby Patches Surfin Safari Giveaway


I knows I has saids it before and I hasn’t hads any more real big contests yet besides our Next Dog Model but here it is finally! We is havings a summer fun around da world giveaway!

Clicks da image above to go to da entry page of our web site for details! But before you do, here is some additional helpfuls impawtant information for you.

All you has to do is themes your photo wif surfing, sarfari, or both and den gets your friends and family to votes for you often! Now I knows dat der is a lot of people dat don’t knows how to use da photoshop so here is a great site to finds bling for your photo –

Here is an example of somefing I through togethers from dat web site:

Dat is just to illustrates dat kind of stuff you can finds to dress up your photo! You will finds all information and da rules on our main web site!

I hope everyone will enters, its goings to be lots of funs and you gets to votes for your favorites! Purrrrrs

To helps you wif lettings everyone knows you entered, choose one of the images below and points it to



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