Photo Hunt for Stripes

Another neat photo hunt has come up and it is stripes. Can you see my stripes?


I has them here on my front leg and more on my back leg. Momma and daddy says they are my tiger stripes.

The New Furriends Spring Photo Contest was a great success and I wants to thank all the kitties that entered. The Zoolatry human mades me some great tags for the winners and runner-up special awards, you may sees them featured on the Cat Blogosphere!

In other purrrfect news I has won the Kitty Fight Club against Tuck. He is a very cute kitten and it was not easy to beat him. It was a long hards battle but I couldn’t has asked for a cuter kitten to go against. Thanks for the congratulations Tuck!

I hads to go to the VET yesterday but don’t worries I am okay. Momma and daddy worried because I hads my ear flat and was shakings my head. It was good news and all I hads was some irritation and inflammation that I gots a shot for. I hasn’t been shaking my head any more. But Lucky my brofur, he has to go backs next week for a dental! He has a bads tooth that needs to comes out. We are purring he will feels much better after he has his bad toofur removed.

I am helpings momma sends out the contest winner’s prizes today and then I has to investigate some new dog products. We can’t forgets our dog furriends! I hopes all my new furriends are havings a purrfect weekend.

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17 Responses to Photo Hunt for Stripes

  • Lovely stripes! Congrats on yout “fight” win! That is a very neat contest. Also congrats to your fine winners in your Spring contest! You had so many wonderful entries! We would have entered if we weren’t still in the midst of ol’ man winter!!

  • Cute tiger stripes Baby Patches. Congratulations on the Kitty Fight Club win.

  • We will purr for your brother, poor Lucky hurt teethes are no fun. We hopes he feels better soon. Glad you were OK. Congrats on the contest. We loves your orange strips, Socks is showing off his black stripes on our blog today.

  • ConCATulations Baby Patches! We will purr for Lucky for everything to go well wif his teeth and him to feel all better. Glad your ear is ok!

  • We like your stripes Baby Patches! And we hope that everything turns out well for Lucky, we will purr and purray for him!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon
    Pee Ess … Lucky, I wanted to let you know that had some toothies removed and everything turned out fine!

  • Very pretty stripes!!
    Sending Lucky lots of good thoughts and Purrrs.
    ~ Malachi

  • Congratulations Baby Patches on your win! I like your tiger stripes on your legs.

  • Concats my sweet Baby Patches! I knew you’d win. I must admit I was very torn as Mr. Tuck is a Mancat buddy of ours but my heart guided my vote to you, sweet love. Your stripes are a thing of beauty to behold!

    your loving Mancat, Minchie

  • Mishkat says:

    Beautiful tiger stripes! Tasha has them on her orange patches too (and of course, Dobby has them all over). Concats on winning the first round of Kitty Fight Club, too.

    Wishing Lucky all the best at the vet – going to the dentist is NO fun!

  • Great photo contest and the winners are beautiful. Since we are indoor cats mom coulnd’t find a good spring shot to enter so used one of Snowball when he still lived outside. It was a good way to meet everyone!

  • Yes, those are some nice stripes!

  • Elin says:

    Congratulation u win! The battle was really tough isn’t it?


  • Daisy says:

    I like your little stripey patch! Your furs look very soft.

  • Congratulations on the fight club. It was a tough fight! Glad you ear is OK and we will send purrs for Lucky

  • The Monkeys says:

    Congratulations on your Kitty Fight Club win! Samson thinks you won because of the cute little splotch on your nose (like his) and he hopes that his will work for him too!

    The tiger stripes on your shoulder are really pretty 🙂

  • Elin! says:

    Hi Baby Patches! I feel grate for being short listed and get honorable mention in the Spring Photo Contest! U said that is an image for me, which one? I’m sorry if i’m misunderstood u! 🙂

    Hope u can explain to me more 🙂

  • A dental! We don’t like the sound of it AT ALL! Glad you are feeling better already!

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