Good morning to all the plumes & all the non-plumes

What a night, that momma was extra hard to get up this morning to get her to feed me. I had to motor (purr) really loud, kiss her, and meow. That’s how I get her up, start with the motoring and laying on her then move on to the kissing, meowing, and even tearing up the bed underneath to get her attention. How do you do it?

Here are a few photos of me, as requested by our other cat blogging friends:

Great Plume Shot, don't you think?

Great Plume Shot, don't you think?

Me and my sister LociLu...we love to wrassle

Me and my sister LociLu...we love to wrassle

Rare moment that I am sitting still

Rare moment that I am sitting still

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26 Responses to Good morning to all the plumes & all the non-plumes

  • Hi Baby Patches! OMG! That’s exactly how I get my Mom up in the morning! Love the new pictures you put up. That plume of yours is driving me crazy! Our Mom was looking at your Mom’s website and we think she may be ordering in the near future. We are very spoiled here!

    Take care and I am so glad I found you!


  • Hendrix says:

    Hi Baby Patches! Wow, check out that tail. Plume is right! Very pretty. I love the pictures.

    I like to wake mommy up first by talking, and then by patting her in the face with my paw. Depending on how long it takes, I will switch to shoving my nose in her face if need be.

    It is great to meet you

  • Hello Baby Patches!!
    You sure are a beauty. We are happy to meet you. One of us, Anna Sue, has the same colors you have/
    See you again!
    ~ The Bunch

  • Hi Patches! Welcome to the CB! Your tail has a name? You should consider joining The Tail Chasers Club, over at Cliff and Olivia’s.

  • I like to walk back and forth over the pillows as my mom sleeps, this usually helps to get her up quicker! ~Maya~

    Calicos Rock!!! ~Maggie May~

    You have the most gorgeous plume! ~The Creek Cats~

  • Hi Baby Patches!
    We are happy to meet you!
    You sure have a lovely plume! Petey would LOVE to chase that!
    We’re the kitties from Purrchance To Dream: Spooker, Daphne, Chloe, Jazper, Little Isis, and Pete Underfeet!

  • Hi Baby Patches. Great with a new blog.

    You’ve been accepted as a member in the Tail Chasers Club and we look forward to learning a lot about Plume.

    Cliff & Olivia

  • You have great blog. Happy to meet you…

  • Hi Baby Patches! You’re beautiful and very floofy!!

  • Junior says:

    I have a hard time waking Meowm up to feed us in the morning too!!!

    You are both very purrty!!


  • Hi Baby Patches! Dis is a nice blog yoo haf here. Our sisfur, da one dat came before, was named Punkin Patches and had a ploomy tail just like yoo! Stop by Sadie’s purrthday party on our blog and haf some food and cream (sorry, no adult beverages for those under one year).

  • Hahahaha, I love the fact that your tail is named Plume! A very suitable name I dare say… And it is one of the requirements to join the Tail Chasers Club Cliff and Olivia started. I’ll be one year old in April and am a Norwegian Forest Cat. I live in Germany with my crazy sisfur Chilli – a dilute Calico born August 08…
    Nice to meet you all!
    Purrs, Siena

  • Hi, Baby Patches! What a lufly tail you has… If we was wrasslin, I’d nom yur tail… dat’s a compliment, you know. I play wif my sisfur Nina lots an sumtimes nom her tail.

    We don’t get da beans up; we’d purrfur they stay in bed allllll day to keep us warm. But they gotta get up sumtime to gif us treats! It’s a real de-lemon. Warm, snugglin naps versus treats…
    Victor & Nina

  • Love the fact that your name is called Plume! A very apt name I dare say. My tail is very long and floofy too, ‘cos I’m a Norwegian Forest Cat. I’m getting one year old in April too! I live in Germany with my crazy little sisfur Chilli, a dilute Calico born August 2008. Nice to meet you all! Purrs, Siena

  • You have the most awesome technicolor plume ever! We also sleep under our catbeds and sleeping bags sometimes…cuz it’s closer to the heating pads!

  • Hello Baby Patches, glad to meet you…our little brother, Teak was born in July of last year…we are not sure what breed he has in him. His hair is long and very silky. Mom has photo’s of Teak’s Mother and she looks like you, just not as much white furs. His brother is a long haired tuxedo and 2 sisters have many colors, one with mostly gray and the other has lots of black in her coat. You have a very pretty coat, bet you get it brushed often, especially the swiffer tail as we call them=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  • hello there!

    maw says you guys are gorgeous kitties.
    we like when our beans sleep .we run after dem to try and beat dem to the bed at nightstime. first ones in!

  • You have a lovely plume Patches. I, Eric, wake our Beans up by walking on their heads. I,Flynn, try to push my cold wet nose in mum’s mouth to wake her up.

  • abby says:

    hi baby patches!

    you sure do have a booteefull plume. i don’t have ANY plumes at all. i’m a rumpy riser manx! tail-less.

    i just run over momma when i want to get her up and up she pops — i have her well trained!


  • Hi Baby Patches! I saw Minchie’s profession of love today and just had to come by and meet you. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. I look forward to getting to know more about you.

  • Tuck says:

    Hi there Baby Patches! I saw that Minchie mentioned you today and I wanted to stop by and say hello! Welcome to the CB!

  • brandi says:

    Baby Patches, you are soo sweet. Glad to meet you! Hope you like the Cat Blogosphere.

  • KC says:

    Plume is certainly one of the largest tails ever. Mine sisfur Faith Boomerang is famous for her huge floofy tail (it is named Huge Floofy Tail). I finks tha Plume maybe be even bigger. Wowie.
    Love & Purrs,

  • Cory says:

    Hi Baby Patches, nice to meet you! We let my momma Ellie take care of waking everyone up by washing washing washing…lick lick lick…oh did I wake you up?? ~ Cory

    Calicos rock ~ Cecilia

    Mirror mirror on the wall who has the floofiest tail of all…uh oh…~ Ellie

  • Miss Peach says:

    Hello dear Patches! My what a stunning autumn colored kitty you are. Mommy is working a Kim Jacobs puzzle right now and there you are sitting the doorway looking outside. I will show it when she is all done and it gets into a frame. Welcome to kitty blogging, we have lots of fun here. I ma getting married in May and hope you come by for the ceremony.
    Much love from Miss Peach

  • Mr Echo says:

    Such beautipuss pitchurs! I wood be so prowd to haff that plume. How do I wake up the momma? It’s sooper eezy. I stand on her and give her hedbutts. It helps if yoo can balince yur wayt on one foot on a rib bone. When my sisfur Tenny wants her to wake up she meows in her face. Both are pritty effecktive.

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