International Box Day 2015

OMC! Well I has been having a heck of a time getting momma to helps me paw out my blog posts here. But at least I get to do a fun post today!

It’s International Box Day!
International Box Day 2015

So you know what that means right? Of course you do! Momma got me my most recent box picture to show everyone, you all know how many boxes we always have around here. After all I am the Chief Kit and I HAS TO Inspect EVERYTHING!

Baby Patches in Box 2015

In fact, the other day momma caught me on the shipping table like it was something new…pffft. And she asked me if I was waitings to be shipped off somewhere. Well as you can see, I was guarding that huge bag of kitty crack behind me (AKA Silvervine). We just lowered the price for bags of the kitty crack in the shop, click here to see the Silvervine!

Baby Patches Shipping Table
Mommy says she would never ships me off anywhere. I sure hopes not. MOL

Happy Friday Furriends and International Box Day! Purrrrrrrrrs

Playtime Friday

Do you luvs to play as much as I do?! Playing is my most favorite thing to do my furriends. And since it’s Friday I have been making sure that momma plays with me whenevers I want!

Here I am with one of my favorite toys the cat charmer.
cat charmer playtime

Even though I want to play a lot today momma has been restricting me the best she can because earlier this week I hurt one of my legs. I didn’t tell my parents anything and they didn’t sees me do it but mommy noticed me limping when I walked to her on Wednesday morning. AND OMC, you know what she did next?

She called my daddy to come see me walk as she was concerned and she called that vet place. And the next thing I knows I am in the car going to a place we kitties don’t likes so much. I don’t thinks woofies like it either, right furriends?

The parents determined that I was not walking normally and didn’t likes how I was sitting with my foot forward.

Here is how I sit normally, I guess it wasn’t likes this.
Baby Patches Sitting

The nice lady vet made me do lots of odd things but I was a good girl and it was determined that I had a soft tissue injury to my leg, in the upper portion. So my parents have been giving me this stuff in my mouth that makes me just wants to rest. Momma says it’s good for me since I need to rest the leg so it will get better.

Improvement is being seen everyday and I has been carried up and down the stairs a lot. They won’t even let’s me jump down from anywhere. But I still making sure to gets my treats, luvs, and playtime!

Have any of you ever hurts your legs or paws before? Momma says she has never had a kitty do this before but since I am a Turkish Angora it is probably more likely to happens because I am such an active meow. I knows my sweet handsome mancat Turkish Prince Minchie tore his ACL in one of his knees before.

Happy Furrriday Furriends! I hopes you having a playtime Friday too!

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