Another Year Already?


Hai furriends! So another year has gone by already?! Being the furry ladycat that I am, I guess I don’t notice the time going by but momma sure does remind me with all the promotions we do. And all the different product types, they can be different depending on the season.

Well everyone here at Nip and Bones including me, hopes that everyone had a pawsome holiday and happy new years!

As you probably noticed I wasn’t around pretty much all last year. It was a rough year with momma dealing with medical issues, losing our brofur Lucky, and moving. But we made it through and are looking forward to a great new year in 2015!

That is me above on a wall perch, it is part of a set of climbing shelves that we received to test out after installing. They will be available in the shop soon. I will do a separate post on those when I am able to.

In case you missed it, we made some big changes to the shop! These include:

    New Flat Rate Shipping for $3.95 on all Orders (US 48 States only)
    Frequent Sales & Exclusive Discounts only through Email
    Availability Information is being added to all Products
    And BEST of ALL – Loyalty Discounts!

An email was sent out to all our subscribers about the changes but if any of you reading this have any questions about it please let me know with a meow or a woof. MOL

Christmas was pawsome for us in our new house! I wanted to show you a picture of me and momma’s animated reindeer. So I will end this post for now but there are plenty more to come as I have put my paw down and are insisting on showing inside info on our products and more. You know, why we carry them, why we suggest it, and best of all, how it can be What Pets Want! Purrrrrrrrrrs

Hanging out under Xmas tree

Where has Baby Patches & Nip and Bones been?

Hai Everyone! It sure has been quite a while since I posted anything. As you might know we lost my brofur Lucky on the 1st of the year. It was really difficult for all of us. Momma said that even though “her girls” me and my sisfur were there the house felt empty. Over 16 years is a furry long time, he was her oldest and longest kitty ever.

We are sure everyone knows how hard it is when you lose a furry baby, they are a family member. Momma was taking care of Lucky night and day, all the time so it was hard when he was suddenly gone. She then had to turn her focus on getting her health in order. Her doctors gave her a pretty big scare with some major health issues.

Things got really behind with the shop as momma had to deal with a great many things. It was almost just like shutting down suddenly without doing so. We didn’t want this to happen but it did. Momma says thank cod for me and my sisfur as we provide lots of comfort that she has needed.

The BIGGEST CHANGE to happen during the last 4-5 months is that We Moved!

New House

This was most needed as momma and daddy were not happy in the house we lived. So we got an amazing house to lives in now! There is tons of room to run around and lots (and I mean lots) of birdies flying around. All different types of birds, momma and daddy even saw a California Hawk sitting on our fence.

I was out of my mind with fright when all our items were suddenly gone and then they were whisking us away in our carriers to a brand new place. All I remember is finding my hiding spot underneath the bed and then it was totally dark. I came out and realized I had to rubs on EVERYTHING because it lost my scent!

It took quite a while but I have gotten use to this new house and I am loving it now. LociLu and I run around like crazy! We are fully enjoying the new space. We all needed this move for sure.

So as you might have read in our most recent email the warehouse made a move as well to give us more space. Our logistics has greatly improved so we are going to be shipping even faster once we get caught up on everything.

I am not sure how much I will be blogging as we have a lot do for the shop but I definitely knew it was time for an update so I got my furry paws busy on this laptop thing, or is it a cattop? MOL

I would love to know how everyone is doing. Leave me a comment and tells me how you are. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

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